Dear All,

Hope you’re all keeping well and not getting too weirded out.  Furry friends certainly can help with our mental health in this very strange time.

Just a clarification on our policy:

As far as we know, while dogs – or other animals – don’t appear to be able to catch it, they can carry it as can any other surface or object,

So if a client has symptoms we will do our best to offer a solo walk but won’t be able to offer group walks. This will be subject to availability.

Please do inform us is if you are self isolating rather than working from home.

Currently we are continuing to offer group and solo walks.

Walkers mostly want to continue.  A few who do have underlying health conditions have stopped and that’s absolutely right.

We continue to take ALL the safety precautions we have already outlined. You can read our policy which evolves as new information becomes available and our communications here.

9th March

16th March here.

Thank you again for all your lovely wonderful kind messages and continued support. It means the absolute world to us especially in such difficult times. It’s incredibly busy in the office and we’re also working from home for the obvious reasons so apologies if responses haven’t been as quick as usual, we will get back to you asap.

And apologies if you get this twice – we want to make sure everyone has received it so you may get double bubble!

Lots of love the HH team x





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