General terms and conditions

All the grown up stuff!
  1. General Information

Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats represent its members who provide a range of pet care services. All members act as part of a team enabling them to provide cover for each other to ensure an uninterrupted service for clients as much as possible.

All members of Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats undergo a rigorous checking, training and assessment process to ensure the members suitability to carry out the services for which they have been engaged. All members are fully insured either via their own insurance or through Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats, DBS checked, trained, assessed and monitored.

All members adhere to a clear code of conduct and enjoy the support of other members and the Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats office to provide ongoing training, support and guidance on best practice.

  1. Definitions

All references to HH&CC mean Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats Ltd.

All references to sitters refer to members of HH&CC

All references to clients or pet owners refer to service users

  1. Cover and fulfilment

Service users will have a primary sitter or walker but if this person is unavailable, then other similarly qualified sitters or walkers will provide backup cover to ensure your pet care is covered and you’re not let down at the last minute.

  1. Permissions
  • Service users will be deemed to have accepted HH&CC terms and conditions (as laid out here) on booking of services.
  • The service user gives HH&CC permission to enter their property to carry out the booked service at the arranged date and time.
  • The service user must provide HH&CC with a name and contact telephone number of someone capable of making a decision relating to their pet(s) in an emergency. A nominated vet’s details will also be recorded, and they will be contacted if we are unable to communicate with the service user or their representative. Please note that in an emergency we will use any nearest vet.
  1. Dog safety, security and health
  • All dogs must wear a collar and tag with the telephone number of the owner engraved upon it.
  • Dog must be in a secure location prior to collection by the dog walker. Loose in a garden does not constitute this.
  • All dogs must be provided with a well-fitting collar / harness. No member is held liable for any injury or any damage caused or incurred by the service user’s dog escaping due to an ill-fitting or faulty collar / harness.
  • HH&CC and its members will not confirm any booking until there has been a consultation with the owner who must disclose any behavioural or medical condition that may make their dog unsuitable for group walks. This would include, but is not limited to, antisocial behaviour, aggression, possessive behaviour, lack of training and conditions such as incontinence, chronic vomiting or travel/ mobility problems.
  • HH&CC and its members must be informed if your dog does or has EVER used a muzzle and this should be made available for use at our discretion
  • HH&CC reserve the right to refuse or discontinue walks for any dog deemed to be unsuitable for group walks.
  • Where possible walks are carried out in forest and parkland where dogs can be safely walked off the lead.
  • We walk a maximum of 6 dogs per walker to ensure a safe and enjoyable walk for all dogs in our care and ensure we walk temperamentally as well as geographically suitable dogs together. The size of group will alter according to local permissions and circumstances.
  • Unless there are exceptional circumstances walks are at least 1 hour in length not including pick up and drop off.
  • In extreme weather conditions (e.g. very hot weather or heavy snow) walks may be shorter to ensure the comfort of the dogs. This will be at the dog walker’s discretion.
  • All dogs being exercised must be fully vaccinated (including kennel cough) and be on regular flea and worm control treatment.
  • Clients must inform HH&CC if their dog contracts any infectious condition (e.g. Kennel cough, conjunctivitis). Any dog with an infectious condition will not be walked until cleared to do so by a vet.
  • Towels should be provided if you wish your dog to be wiped down following the walk especially in adverse weather.
  • Though we endeavour to ensure the safety of all dogs, letting dogs walk off the lead carries a risk therefore we will only do this with your express permission.
  1. Cat safety, security and health
  • We will act for you in your absence if we are unable to contact you
  • Animals are fully insured to travel in any vehicle driven by your pet carer. Unless you state otherwise, these terms and conditions assume that you, the client, have given permission for this.
  • We do recognise that cats are independent creatures and as such often are left to come in and out freely. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and as such we cannot be held responsible for the safety of any cat that is allowed to come in and out.
  • If cats need to be brought in, i.e. do not have a cat flap but are let out anyway, we will do our very best to call and ensure we’ve seen them, and will wait a reasonable amount of time, carry out duties and if the cat hasn’t turned up we will have to leave.  We will endeavour to ensure the cat is in but we cannot guarantee it.
  • It is a condition precedent to liability that the property owner has arranged with their household insurer to extend their policy to cover losses incurred whilst there is a pet sitter present.
  • It is a condition precedent to liability that all locks, security and protective measures are put in operation whenever the property is left unattended or overnight, whether or not the pet sitter is present.
  • Clients must provide a spare set of keys to the sitter. These may be left at the property for the sitter to pick up on the first visit. This second set of keys will then be left at the client’s home on the last visit. If this is not possible, then the details of a local key-holder who will be available during the period of care must be provided. If neither of these is possible, then a second set of keys will be cut by your sitter at a charge of £10 plus the cost of cutting.

 7.        Insurance:  

All sitters, walkers and vehicles are insured for the safe care and transport of your animal.  Animals are fully insured to travel in any vehicle driven by your pet carer.  Unless you state otherwise, these terms and conditions assume that you, the client, have given permission for this.

HH&CC and its members have comprehensive insurance covering public liability, vet fees and loss or straying, however we advise all clients to have their pets insured and reserve the right to refuse a booking for any animal who is not insured.

If your sitter has their own insurance, rather than through Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats, any claim made will go via their own insurance. It is taken as a given that by using Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats you are happy to abide by these conditions and that any sitter provided to you will be providing you directly with services and will be covered by their own insurance policy.

  • Public Liability which will cover injury and damage to third parties and their properties up to a maximum of £5 million Limit of Indemnity.
  • Vets fees in respect to injury to animals in our custody and control, subject to a limit of £10,000 and an excess of £50. This does not cover pre-existing conditions or care that would have occurred whether or not the animal is under the care of the company.
  • Cover for the loss or straying of animals in our custody and control up to a maximum of £1,000 per animal. This includes cover during collection and delivery.

It is a condition precedent to liability that all locks, security and protective measures are put in operation whenever the property is left unattended or overnight, whether or not the pet sitter is present.

8.        Keys

2 sets of keys must be provided.  For dog services – keys retained by your walker will be kept securely and will only be marked with the name of your dog and an office code.

9.        Parking Permits

Permits for any service where the sitter is at your home for a significant period must be provided if you are in a restricted parking zone. Any pet sitting, puppy care, cat care etc requires this. Group dog walking and daycare do not require this.

  1. Bookings

All service users can make booking requests by using the online booking area at and individual log-in access to our client portal will be provided.

You can also contact us by emailing or calling 020 3743 9247.

  1. Pricing

Please see website for up to date pricing for individual services.

  1. Payment

Invoices should be paid within 7 days of receipt. If you do not make any payment to us, or if we are unable to collect a payment from you by the due date, we may charge you interest on the overdue amount.

You can use the following methods: debit/ credit card, online transfer or direct debit.

You can choose to have payment take on issue of invoice with a registered card, or set up a Direct Debit to have your payments taken on the 15th of the month.

Direct debit payments that bounce will incur a charge of £14.50 for each time they are re-presented.

  1. Cancellation policy

Cancellation periods vary depending on service. Please see specific details for each individual service but the following general conditions apply:

Daily services Cancellation period Charge
Dog walking & daycare & puppy care > 24 hours £0
< 24 hours 70% of charge


Holiday services Cancellation Charge
Dog boarding & House sitting > one month 25%
> two weeks 50%
> one week 75%
< one week 100%
Cat sitting > One week 35%
> 24 hours 70%
No notice 100%


  1. Communication policy

Urgent communications will be made by text or email or WhatsApp as required and necessary.

It is also helpful to follow HH&CC on social media for some information: for emergencies (worth creating an alert for) for pics!

  1. Acceptance of these T&Cs

Using HH&CC services constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.  These terms and conditions may change at any point and we will ensure the latest version is available on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an up to date copy of them. We do everything we can to provide a professional, caring service.   If you have any feedback that would help us improve our service, please let us know.

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