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Oh good grief, we’ve got a puppy!

What have you done?  Don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine!  It’s exhausting, but fabulous. But also a big responsibility. So when you’re not around then we can provide all the support you need as well as some great development opportunities for your pup.  Our small team can provide the range of services that you and your puppy need.

Before your puppy arrives

Get in touch and we can arrange a time to pop and meet you when your puppy arrives.  New owners usually spend a few days at home just to help settle the puppy in and begin to establish a routine. This is the point where you we come over to see you so you can show us the routine you’re trying to establish and we can help with any questions you might have.

What’s best for my puppy?

We’ve done a lot of this and in our experience there are 4 definite needs your puppy needs from us:  basic care, training, walking & socialisation.  And there are 3 stages for that care: pre-vaccination, post-vaccination & growing up.

Pre-vaccination – puppy visits

Puppy visits break up the day for your puppy they have ensures they’re fed, have a toilet breaks / training, playtime and basic training. It’s good to use a proportion of their food for training purposes, so best to make sure at least some of their food is dry!

Visits are an hour long and we make sure they have love and cuddles as well as all the training, play, feeding and so forth. It also gets the puppy used to others coming into the home, which is crucial if you want to ensure you have a friendly happy dog. This also gets them used to being left on their own which is essential in order to avoid separation anxiety going forward.

  • Assistance in toilet training
  • Lunchtime feeding
  • Basic training of key commands based on your existing training but covering STAY, SIT, COME and FETCH
  • Cuddles and play time
  • Cleaning up any accidents that may have occurred

Post vaccination – visits, play and daycare

At this point we can start getting your puppy going out on short lead walks to familiarise them with this. We want to get them used to the lead as early as possible.  You can do this prior to going outside but just in the home.

At this point we would also suggest mixing up visits with puppy play and daycare where possible. This is fantastic for socialisation and learning from other dogs. While it’s great for them to play with other puppies, we see how important it is for puppies to mix with older, friendly dogs in a safe environment so they learn how to behave and understand boundaries.

Moving onto group walks

When the time is right and your puppy is old enough, and depending on the breed, we introduce them to group walks where they can have fun and play. We take it gently, making sure they aren’t over exercising, but increasing their exercise as they develop

This programme ensures they become happy, friendly, well socialised, confident dogs that fit well into your life.

All grown up?

Going forward, clients tend to continue daytime group walks with their doggy friends, sometimes mixed up with some daycare depending on your needs. It’s great if you work very long hours, or you can always supplement daytime walks with an evening walk, visit or dog boarding if you going to be home late or away for a night or going on holiday.  We’ll basically be there to provide what you need in terms of care going forward.

one on one developing as puppy gets bigger
lead walks
basic training
toilet training
Picked up before 10am - 4pm dropped home after
Socialisation with other dogs
Short lead walks
Learning by supervised play
Basic training
From £45
Home from home boarding
The next best thing to you.
All the care of a loving home

 What do I do now?

If you are interested in this service or would like any more information please contact us on 020 3743 9247 or 07957 585 175 or email at info@happyhounds.co.uk.

Alternatively you can contact us through our online enquiry form.

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