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We've been doing this for a looooooong time and your cats, pets and home couldn't be in better hands.


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Cat Sitting with Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats

Hassle free cat sitting

Our cat sitting and pet sitting service means that rather than taking your cats and other pets to a cattery we visit them in their own home. This is most suitable for cats and small animals as cats in particular hate leaving their own territory, so cat sitting means they’re not disrupted and are much happier and relaxed on your return.  This isn’t receommended for dogs who are pack animals and so dog boarding or house sitting is a much better option for your pooches.

How to use this service

We take some info

Get in touch either here  or give us a call on 020 3743 9247

Then we come and say hello

We meet you and your cats. If you like us then you book us

We look after your brilliant cats

You go away, have fun, we keep you posted. You come back.  And then you book us again.  Easy!

Why us?

We’ve been doing this for a long time (since 2000!) we know what we’re doing so your wonderful cats are in excellent hands. We take huge pride in what we do.

There is always backup and support so if for some reason your sitter has a problem, one of us will take over and support them and look after your cats and any other pets.

Everyone is vetted, checked, trained and supported. It’s  a great team of kind,  friendly, professional and reliable animal lovers.  We’re very fussy who we work with.

Once you’ve registered and met with one of our sitters, you’re good to go!  You can book online and even if it’s last minute, if you have an emergency, we’ll be there to help out. (We’re also useful if you ever lock yourself out!)

We’re flippin’ good value!  And you can ask us to water your plants / feed the fish too.

Can’t praise their cat sitting service highly enough. Have an elderly cat and  the sitter always takes time to make a fuss of her, give her her tablet and let me know how she is. A load off my mind. No cattery!!!

Cat sitting with Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats

Our cat feeding and pet sitting service means that rather than taking your pets to a cattery or kennels we visit your pets in their own home.  This is most suitable for cats and small animals as cats in particular hate leaving their own territory, so cat sitting means they’re not disrupted and are much happier and relaxed on your return.

We will go through your cat / small animal care regime and ensure we stick to their normal routine as closely as possible ensuring they have the right food and any special diet that may be difficult for catteries to provide, administer medication and can liaise with your own vet if necessary.

At £14 per day for up to 2 cats, this often works out cheaper option. For further information, please email or call us on 020 3743 9247.

We recommend one or two visit per day for cats, but we’ve found that most cats are very happy with a single visit unless medication requires additional attention. But for that extra bit of TLC we can make extra visits and are completely flexible to your requirements.  If you feed your cats twice a day but don’t think they need two visits, then we are happy to set your timer for an evening feed all within the price.

Hassle free cat sitting.

There’s no need to travel to a cattery to check that it’s suitable. After contacting Happy Hounds and Cooler Cats, and before we start looking after your pets, one of our carers will visit you to discuss your detailed requirements face to face. This enables you to meet us, and for us to find out exactly what you and your pets would like us to do in your absence.

Additional benefits of Happy Hounds cat sitting service.

Not only do you avoid the rush of taking them to the cattery before and after your trip but we can also keep a check on your house while you’re away too.  This can include watering plants, bringing in post, switching on the lights and drawing curtains ensuring your house looks lived in and giving you piece of mind while your away. Not only that we will always make sure there’s a fresh pint of milk for that all important tea or coffee upon your return.

Pet sitting for other animals

We have found over the years that pet sitting service is not really suitable for dogs as they would much rather live with others so if you just have dogs then we recommend our dog boarding service.  However, if you have dogs and cats and possibly other animals then our house sitting service may be just what you need where someone will move into your home to look after the all the animals while you’re away.

What to do next?

Well, just send us an email to outlining what kind of service you are looking for.  We will then send you a simple registration form for you to complete and once we have checked their particulars, we will be in touch ASAP to arrange an introductory consultation at your convenience. Alternatively you can call us on           020 3743 9247 to discuss our service in more detail.

Cat sitting prices:

£14  up to 2 cats 1 am vist per day

£16  up to 2 cats 1 pm vist per day

£28 up to 2 cats  2 visits per day

£3 per visit for every additional cat.

Please see our prices page for a full list of our charges.

Other small animals on request depending on requirements

For areas where access is difficult – blocks of flats and so forth – additional charges may apply.

Happy Hounds and Cooler Cats cat sitting service means you know that while you’re away, your cats and your home are being looked after. Your cats stay in familiar surroundings without the stress and the hassle associated with of going to a cattery.  You’ll come home to a content cat who won’t be sulking. (And you can ask us to water your plants too)
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