What’s the best flea treatment?

The most effective flea treatment, in our many years of experience, is Advocate. It can cure dogs or cats of fleas and also prevent them catching them if they come into contact with them on another animal or in a particular environment.

Does it cover anything else?

Advocate is the most comprehensive product available and covers a range of other conditions. These are roundworm, hookworm, heartworm and ear mites in dogs. It also treats lungworm, whipworm, biting lice, sarcoptes and demodex.

How do I give my pet this treatment?

This is what is known as a ‘spot on’ treatment. It is a liquid in a pipet that you put on the back of your cat or dog’s neck once a month.  Try not to stroke or cuddle them in that area for about 24 hours or wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Where can I get my flea treatment?

All good flea treatments require a prescription. At Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats we insist on this if your dog is to mix with other dogs. So you will need to see your vet as no vet in the UK can prescribe medication without physically seeing the animal first. A prescription can be fulfilled by your vet OR you can often get cheaper deals online if you have the prescription. You can discuss how long a prescription your vet will give you and ask about the possibility of repeat prescriptions.  Each dose of advocate lasts 1 month, though some animals have a shorter cycle and may need treatment every 28 days or so.  Keep a close eye on your pets and see if they start scratching.

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