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Welcome to Happy Hounds and Cooler Cats cat sitting service covering Leytonstone and the surrounding areas. We have been in operation since 1999 and our experienced team of pet carer would love to come and visit your cat(s) or other small pets while you are away. In addition to providing catsitting in Leytonstone, we also cover Wanstead, Leyton, Snaresbrook, Forest gate, Walthamstow, Woodford, Woodford Green and Chingford.

Cat sitting in Leytonstone

Our cat sitting in Leytonstone service means that instead of taking your cats or other small animals to a cattery or kennels we can come and visit them in their own home. Cat’s in particular are very territorial and can find it highly disrupting to be removed from their own surroundings, so cat sitting means they will be much happier and relaxed while you are away.

When we meet you we will discuss your animals feeding regime and try and keep to their usual routine as much as possible. In addition our experienced pet carers can provide basic medication as required and will of course spend some time petting and playing with your pet should they be willing.

We can visit either once or twice a day depending on your cat’s requirements. Generally one visit a day is fine unless your pet needs medication or a little extra attention

Added benefits

In addition to ensuring your cat is well looked after, we can also keep a check on your home while your away as well. This can include basic plant watering, bringing in the post and in the winter turning on the heating to make sure pipes don’t freeze. We can also turn lights on and off and open and close curtains to make your house look lived in, giving you piece of mind. We will also make sure there is fresh milk waiting for you when you return home.

What about my other pets?

In our experience our pet sitting service is not really suitable for dogs as they really miss the company of people. So if you need your dog to be cared for we recommend our dog boarding service where your dog will stay with one of our boarders in a home from home environment. Alternatively if you have several animals you may want to consider our house sitting service where one of our pet carers will stay at your home while you are away giving you total piece of mind.

Cat sitting prices

Please see below or our main prices page for prices of other services including dog boarding & house sitting.

Cat sitting - pm visit
*£20 on public holidays
Cat sitting - morning visit
*£20 on public holidays
cat sitting - am & pm visit
*£35 on public holidays (depending on availability)

What next?

If you would like to discuss your requirements or make a booking please give us a call on 020 3743 9247 / 07957 585 175 or use our contact us here and we’ll arrange ti come and see you asap.

House Sitting terms and conditions

House sitting terms and conditions

All the grown up stuff!


£44 House sitting per day
£65 Public holidays*/ Christmas season* per day
The above include a payment to the sitter as a daily subsistence allowance.
£15 Pre-assignment visit

Vet visit £20 per hour + charges

* Holiday / Christmas days are

2017 1st Jan, 14, 16 & 17 March, 1 & 29 May, 28 August, 24, 25, 26 31 December

2018 1 Jan, 30 March, 1 & 2 April. 7 & 28 May, 27 August, 25, 26,. 31 Dec


The commissioning of the Company by the Client to carry out Pet Sitting, house sitting, Home Boarding or Pet Visiting assignments, whether verbally or in writing constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Business.

Our Agreement

The Company agrees to supply Pet Sitting, house sitting or Home Boarding or Pet Visiting services in accordance with a Brief provided by the Client. Which will primarily include the care of pets and other animals owned by the Client. In consultation with the pet sitter the client may request other services such as the maintenance of house, greenhouse, garden plants and lawns. All within reasonable limits which will be charged per service if the pet sitter agrees.

The Company will continue to provide these services throughout the duration of the Agreement even though the original sitter may fall ill or be unable to continue on assignment for whatever reason.


The Client agrees to settle the Company’s invoice for such services two weeks prior to the commencement of the assignment. Unless the assignment was booked at short notice; in such cases, the Client agrees to settle the Company’s invoice before the assignment commences.

In respect to long-term or on-going assignments, invoicing of fees can be set up on a monthly basis.

If payment is not received in accordance with these Terms of Business, the Company will not be obliged to honour any previously agreed arrangements.

The Client is responsible for ensuring that neither the house and its environment, nor the work expected of the sitter, present any avoidable or unusual risks recognised by the Health and Safety Executive.

Refunds may be considered for a Client’s early return.

Rules of Employment

All pet sitters are insured to carry out their duties only through the company and all instructions to them must come from or with the approval of the Company Management Personnel.

Sitters may not work for a Client, except through the Company. Infringement of this condition will jeopardise their role as a pet sitter for the Company.


Every reasonable measure is taken to ensure the integrity, probity, suitability and competence of the sitters. Appropriate vetting and police checks are carried out and the Company covers its Employees with Public Liability Insurance.

The Company’s insurance cover only operates when the sitter is working on an assignment from the Company and for the duration and times of the selected service.

Where sitters are required to drive a Clients car, responsibility for the provision of appropriate insurance cover rests with the Client.

It is agreed that it is the Clients responsibility to adequately insure the property and its contents and any pets with an insurance company of good repute, and that such insurance shall continue for the duration of this agreement. You must ensure that your household insurer has extended their policy to cover losses incurred whilst there is a house-sitter present. Please note that Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats Ltd will accept no liability for any damage caused by your house or pets.

All locks, security and protective measures are put in operation whenever the property is left unattended or overnight.


Where exceptional work or non standard skills and experience are involved e.g. the care of horses, farm animals, aviaries, large gardens, green houses, indoor plant collections, and swimming pools etc, charges will be made according to the level of skill required. Approximate guides will be provided by telephone and detailed quotations. All extra work must be approved by the pet sitter.

No payments are made directly to the pet sitter.

In place of leaving supplies of food for the sitter, an impractical option, a daily subsistence allowance is paid directly to the sitter from your payment to Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats Ltd.

A reservation, whether written or verbal, constitutes a binding agreement, and as such, all cancellations incur a £25 fee. This fee will be fully refunded on any future booking. This fee covers all administration costs.

A sitter may wish to have the companionship of their partner / spouse during an assignment. This incurs the Client no additional expense. The companion / spouse will have passed the Company’s vetting programme and is also fully covered by the Company’s insurance.

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