As you know summer 2018 was very VERY hot and so, we are putting our hot weather plan in place. We will use our judgement on a day-to-day basis, and take into account the needs of individual dogs, but as a general rule the following will apply:

1. Group walks

When temperatures start hitting 22C (or when humidity makes it feel super hot), we’ll consider shortening the walks to less than 1 hour.

When the temperature hits 24C (or when humidity makes it feel super hot) we will walk the dogs for a shorter period, in the shade, and keep this as quiet & calm as possible e.g. no games.

If the temperature hits 29C+ (or when humidity makes it feel super hot) we will not be walking any dogs, but will offer 2 local garden breaks instead.

Note re: FLAT FACES and ELDERLY dogs – we will put them on garden breaks ONLY when we feel it’s too hot/humid for them to walk. This group will need to be allocated to 1 or 2 of our walkers for logistical purposes, so please be aware it may not be your normal walker visiting.

Please note that where these changes are put in place we will have to ask you to provide enough parking permits to cover the visits.

2. Solo walks – depending on the temperature/humidity (as above), breed and age, dogs may get a short walk and then company at home.

3. Daycare – shouldn’t be affected as we will either give them a very short walk, or no walk at all as appropriate, and just get them playing in the paddling pool all day.

We will try and keep you as informed as possible, but as always our priority is keeping the dogs safe, so please bear with us if we have to change the routine due to hot/humid weather without prior notice.

And from your perspective, as you know your dog better than anyone please feel free to make your own judgement calls – if you feel the need to cancel in hot weather we totally understand. If you could please use the normal protocol and try and make those changes via the portal before 2pm the previous day that would be great.

Please prepare for the hot weather at home. Here are some recommendations:
– cooling mats are a great purchase because dogs can get up and move away from them if necessary
– cool collars and cool coats are available too, BUT must ONLY be worn for 20 minutes as being too cold can have disastrous consequences by sending the body into shock
– if you have a cool coat, then lay it down as a mat rather than leaving it on your dog
– fans will help to keep your dog cool
– keep your dog in a room where it can easily move around to avoid becoming too hot
– always have cool fresh water available. Keep lots of ice so we can add it to bowls after a walk
– if you would like to give your dog a more energetic walk we recommend first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, however, last year, it was hot throughout the day so if they want to be lazy, let them
– don’t let your dogs lie out in the sun – they love it but it’s not good for them if it’s too hot. They can get heatstroke just like we do.
– short haired dogs particularly fair haired dogs may require sunscreen
– and remember if the pavement is too hot for your hand for 5 seconds, it’s too hot for their feet.

Let’s keep cool!

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