THANK YOU and how to help

Thanks to all those who have offered and would like to make additional payments to sitters in these challenging times

If you’d like to leave a tip for your main sitter OR if you have a variety of sitters, this will get shared round in the fairest way possible to those who have provided services. It goes without saying this will go 100% to sitters.

We will invoice earlier this month – March 2020 – to enable people time to add any tips. Any other services that happen in March (for key workers or those in a difficult position) will be rolled into April which we know will probably be very quiet.


This is a very expensive way for us to accept payments and understandably we are trying to keep costs down as much as possible.

We will continue to process payments in the same way as usual – so if you usually pay by Direct Debit on the 1st or 15th or whatever, please leave that as usual. this will not affect the speed at which your sitter receives money.

How to add a tip

Go the the client portal via the website –  – to login use your email and your password.  If you can’t remember your password you can change it by using your account number which will have been sent to you with your most recent invoice. 

OPTION 1 If you are a monthly client and have an outstanding invoice.

Go to your account summary

Add tip

Update tip

DO NOT PRESS PAY UNLESS YOU NORMALLY PAY THIS WAY. The cheapest way for us to receive funds continues to be by bank transfer or Direct Debit

Anything you add will be so gratefully received and will go 100% to your main sitter or distributed in the fairest way amongst sitters who may share the care for your pet


For monthly clients, payment will be taken in the normal way or please pay in your usual way.

OPTION 2 If you are a client without an outstanding invoice

Login to your client area using the details above – you will need your email address and password OR your account number in order to reset your password. This can be found on the recent email you received or contact us at and we will send you your account number.

  1. Go to booking requests










2. Choose a date

















3.Select “A tip for your sitter” item from the drop down menu and add in the notes how much you’d like it to be and who you’d like it to go to. If you’d like it to be a general tip then we will add it the pool for all the sitters and distribute it as fairly as possible. your notes can be as detailed as possible and we will follow your instructions accordingly. you will then be invoiced for this amount. 100% will go to sitters.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE TEAM. We’re so looking forward to seeing you on the other side xxxx

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