Making a cancellation

If you need to cancel a dog walk or doggy day care, you can cancel online without charge up to 24 hours in advance. Less, than 24 hours there is a charge.  Different services have different cancellation periods, but for whatever service, the process is the same. Here is how making a cancellation works:

1 login to your account

2 go to your schedule and click on the date you would like to cancel

3 You will then see the jobs available to cancel on that day.  If it is within time, you will see a cancel button next to the job. If you’re too late to cancel online, there won’t be a cancel button so please call / text / email us.

4. Are you sure you want to cancel this date? If so, click Yes, cancel job.

you sure.JPG

5.  Great, that’s it! All gone. Easy!

6. And if you go back to your schedule, you’ll see there’s nothing in that day.  But if you’ve got your dates wrong and need to rebook, then just go to request services and follow the booking process.

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