Online bookings requests

Client area:

How to make a booking request.

1. Go to and click on the client area button


2. You’ll get to a log in page.  Enter your email and password.

(If you’ve forgotten your password or you’ve been provided with a temporary password and need to change it then click on the ‘Forgotten password?’ link and follow the instructions. Any problems, contact )  


3. This is the main page.  To book services, click on the green Request Services button


4. Choose your dates then select the service you would like for those dates from the Service item drop down menu then click the Add Service blue button.


5.  At the bottom you will see a Services Awaiting Submission box.  This is a holding area and items are not requested at this stage.  You can now go back to stage 4 and add further dates and services.

Once you’ve you’ve added all the different items you need, scroll down to the submission box and all your selections will be there.  Double check and see if that’s correct – you can delete any requests made in error by clicking the red cross – and when you’re happy then click Submit Request.


6. A Thank You screen will let you know your request has been successfully submitted. You can either log out or you can ‘request more services’ to go back and book further services and dates.


7. You will receive an email confirming we have received your request


8. And then once it’s been booked in you will receive another email to confirm the job is scheduled. And then we come and look after your furry friends.  That’s it! We hope you’ve learnt how to make a booking request.


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