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Q: How often will you visit my cat?

A: We can visit your cat as many times as you like. But usually we visit once or twice a day depending on your preference. For most cats, one visit a day is fine, but if they required medication or you’d like them to have a little more TLC then we can visit twice per day. And you can mix and match it if you like. So maybe one visit a day, with 2 visits every third day. Whatever works for you.

Q: How long do visits last?

A: Visits typically last about 20 minutes, but this is somewhat dependant on how receptive your cat is to strokes and cuddles. When we visit we will put down fresh food and water, change the litter, collect the post and do basic house plant watering. We will always look to have some playtime with your cat and if they are hiding under the bed we will try to gently coax them out. However if they are happy where they are we will make sure they are OK and then leave them be.

Q: What time do you visit?

A: If you just want a single visit, that will happen in the morning, generally before 10.30 (for up to 2 cats, that’s £12).  If you would prefer an evening single visit we can do that, but it’s a little more expensive at £14.  If you have a timer, we’re very happy to set that for another meal.

Q: My cat requires medication for a health condition. Can this be administered?

A: All our pet sitters are experienced in providing basic medication. We would need detailed instructions on how the medication is to be administered. We are happy to discuss any requirements your cat may have and generally most needs can be met.

Q: I’m a little concerned about leaving the keys to my home with a stranger, how do I know my pet carer is trustworthy?

A: We are extremely careful about who we employ and all our pet sitters have been thoroughly referenced and CRB checked. We only employ people who have a wealth of experience in caring for cats and dogs. They undergo our internal training course prior to starting work.

Prior to any cat sit taking place your pet sitter will visit you at your home to talk through your requirements and meet your pets. You are under no obligation to go ahead with the booking at this stage. If you have any concerns at all please let us know and we will find an alternate pet sitter.

In addition for peace of mind you may wish to visit our testimonials to see what some of clients have been kind enough to say about our service.

Q: Would it be possible for someone to water my plants while I’m away?

A: Absolutely. We are very happy to carry out basic plant watering. In addition we can open/ close curtains and turn lights on/ off to make your home look lived in. During the winter we can turn your heating on and off to ensure your pipes don’t freeze. If you have specific or complex care needs, there may be a slight extra charge but we do our best to keep charges to a minimum.

Q: What happens if I’m delayed returning home from my holiday, will you continue to visit my cats?

A: Of course. We consider your cats our responsibility until we have had confirmation you are home and unless we hear from you we will continue to visit. Therefore we would ask that you call or send us a text or email to let us know you have returned safely from your trip.

Q: Do you provide this service for animals other than cats?

A: Yes, our pet sitting service is suitable for all types of small animals. Over the years we have cared for snakes, lizards, hamsters, rabbits and spiders to name but a few. However in our experience this service is not suitable for dogs as they miss the company of humans too much. So if you require care for your dog you may want to consider our dog boarding service.   Your dog will be cared for by one of our dog boarders in a home from home environment. Alternatively if you have a variety of pets you may want to consider our house sitting service.  One of our pet carers will come and stay at your home making sure all your pets are looked after and giving you total piece of mind.

Q: What is the payment procedure for cat sitting?

A: Once you have met with your pet sitter and you’re happy to go ahead we will email you an invoice. We ask that this invoice is paid prior to the cat sitting commencing. We accept payment by card payment through the website or call to make payment, or bank transfer.

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