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Doggy Daycare per day (including pick up and drop off within 2 miles)
£30         1 dog over 1 year
£40         2 dogs over 1 year
£35.00    1 dog under 1 year
£45.00    2 dogs under 1 year


“You” means the owner of the dog named on the booking form and “your” shall be construed accordingly; “we” means the Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats Ltd and its representatives and “our” or “us” shall be construed accordingly; “Booking Form” means the document completed by you at any time you seek to book one of our carers and “the” or “our” “Head Office” means the administrative offices of the organisation, currently at: 33 Connaught Road, London E11 4AB. Tel: 0845 643 4800.

Terms of Use:
All bookings, whether confirmed or pending an introductory meeting, are subject to our terms of use. Submission of a Booking Form constitutes acceptance of these terms and your continued use of our service will indicate your acceptance of the terms in force. As these terms may vary from time to time, you should make sure you are aware of the current version.

Our Commitment To You

We aim to meet the highest standards of care in the course of operating as a pet care company and promise to use all reasonable endeavours in providing a suitable carer to look after your dog, based on the information provided by you in the Booking Form.


All pet carers and vehicles are insured for the safe care and transport of your animal. Animals are fully insured to travel in any vehicle driven by your pet carer. Unless you state otherwise, these terms and conditions assume that you, the client, have given permission for this.

Our insurance covers us for Public Liability which will cover injury and damage to third parties and their properties at a £2 million Limit of Indemnity . Vets fees in respect to injury to animals in our custody and control, subject to a limit of £50,000 and an excess of £25. This does not cover pre-existing conditions or care that would have occurred whether or not the animal is under the care of the company. Cover for the loss or straying of animals in our custody and control up to a maximum of £1,000 per animal. This includes cover during collection and delivery. Dogs will be exercised on a flexi-lead unless other arrangements have been made.

It is a condition precedent to liability that all locks, security and protective measures are put in operation whenever the property is left unattended or overnight.

Material Disclosure

You undertake to make full and complete disclosure in the Booking Form of any matter, fact, quality or characteristic which might render your dog unsuitable for doggy daycare including, but not limited to, behavioural or health problems, anti-social behaviour including aggression, separation anxiety, unspayed bitches in season, excessive pulling on the lead, tendency to run away or escape on walks or in the home, incontinence/lack of housetraining, destructive behaviour inside our outside the home, or excessive loud barking/whining etc. Regrettably, we may not be able to accept young puppies or elderly dogs which are infirm. We will only do so at the discretion of the company. Failure on your part to disclose in the Booking Form any matter which in our view might render your dog unsuitable for doggy daycare will be deemed a material omission amounting to a fundamental breach of this agreement, entitling us to terminate the agreement forthwith.


Cancellation and/or early collection: There is a set scale of charges, which applies in the event of cancellation. Payment for the booking is due in advance either by cheque or debit / credit card to head office unless otherwise agreed. For cancellation, you must give notice in writing to our Head Office enclosing any payment due. For the avoidance of doubt, purported cancellation by email or telephone is not valid notice for the purposes of this clause.

Cancellation Charges

Cancellation less than 24 hours day in advance 100% of total cost


Requirements For Delivery:
You agree to supply your dog’s food (including treats, if appropriate) if required, in addition to food/water bowls, favourite toys, bedding and exercise leads.

Condition of Dog on Delivery:
You undertake to deliver your dog to the carer or the pet taxi service in a clean, groomed condition and up-to-date with vaccinations, worming and de-flea treatments. Any dog requiring regular grooming should also be provided with appropriate grooming equipment.

Unspayed Bitches:
We reserve the right at any time to withdraw from a booking for an unspayed bitch. If there is a risk of your dog coming into season during her board you must advise us of this (see material disclosure clause above) and, if appropriate, you agree to seek the advice of your veterinary surgeon as to measures which may be taken be taken to prevent an unspayed bitch coming into season during her board. We reserve the right to seek written confirmation from your veterinary surgeon that this has been done.

Cancellation By Us:
In the unlikely event that the Carer is unable to complete a confirmed booking for any reason, we will use all reasonable endeavours to arrange an introduction to an alternative carer. If, despite our best efforts, we are unable to procure an introduction to an alternative carer, we will refund your booking deposit. If for any reason we consider a dog to be unsuitable for doggy daycare or, if a carer withdraws from a provisional booking within five days following the booking date we reserve the right to cancel such booking and refund the deposit.

Emergency Contact:
All reasonable efforts will be made to contact you or the person in the UK you have nominated as authorised to make decisions on your behalf in the event of an emergency. We cannot accept your mobile or other overseas contact for this purpose, as time may be of the essence. Whether or not you wish to be contacted direct when you are overseas is a matter you must address with the person you nominate in the Booking Form. We reserve the right to make decisions regarding your dog provided we are at all times acting in the best interests of your dog and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon.

Veterinary Fees:
You agree that we may take your dog to a veterinary surgeon if we suspect he or she is not well and you agree to accept full responsibility for payment of any veterinary fees incurred.

Off-Lead Exercise Instruction:

Unless otherwise agreed, your dog will be exercised on a flexi-lead. If you wish the Carer to exercise your dog off the lead, you must sign an off-lead instruction on the booking form, under which you accept responsibility for third party liability and agree to procure insurance for your dog whilst in our care (which shall include third party liability cover).

Entire Agreement: These terms of use together with the Booking Form will constitute the entire agreement between you and us to the exclusion of any other terms whatsoever, including any terms or conditions you purport apply under any other written or oral communication with us. At our discretion, we may agree to a waiver or variation of these terms provided that it is agreed in advance and is in writing signed by the director of the company.

Bookings Policy:
All bookings must be made through the head office. Our carers do not always have the most up to date information about bookings provisionally scheduled for them. If you procure, or attempt to procure, the services of one of our carers direct, whether on your own behalf or on behalf of a third party, you will not be insured for any of the liabilities and at the discretion of the company you will be liable to a fee equal to double the booking fee of the job.

You agree that these terms of use are fair and reasonable in enabling us (a) to perform our obligations under this agreement to the best of our ability and (b) to protect our legitimate business interests.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction:
This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
Booking Happy Hounds & Cooler Cats Ltd services constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may change at any point. We do everything we can to provide a professional, caring service. If you have any feedback that would help us improve our service, please let us know.

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